Since the 1960s, the window tinting industry has grown tremendously with homeowners opting for tints for protection and privacy. With the windows of your home tinted, you’ll be safe from harmful UV rays and get to save on AC expenses. 

As a Grands Rapids resident, finding a reliable window tinting company is important if you want to give your windows a new decorative look.

Benefits of Having Your Home Window Tinted 

Here are some of the benefits you’ll derive from tinting your home windows:
1UV Ray Protection
The sun helps support life on this planet. However, you risk damaging your skin when exposed to the UV rays emitted by the sun for a long time. The radiation also makes furniture to quickly fade. Window tints can help you control the amount of UV rays that get into your house.
2. Minimize Heat Retention
One way to make your home habitable during the summer season is by installing tints on your windows. The tints will help reduce the amount of heat that gets into your house and keep your living area cool. They’ll also help you save on air conditioner bills.
3. Privacy and Security
Though curtains are ideal for preventing outsiders from peeping through your windows, they only work well during the night. You’ll need window tints during the day to allow some light into your house and keep your household private and secure. Tints also protect your windows against strong winds and storms.
2020 Trends for Home Window Tints 

The three main trends in home window tints include sustainability, eco-friendliness and minimalism as discussed below:
1. Eco-friendliness
More homeowners continue to have tints installed on their home windows for energy efficiency reasons. The tints positively impact on energy consumption since they help minimize the costs needed to cool a house during hot months. They are also greener than the traditional curtains and require low maintenance.
2. Sustainability
As demands for sustainable homes continue to increase, window tints are among the on-demand home accessories. Tints require less water to clean than curtains. They can also help you create a cleaner environment for your home that is free of dust and disease causing microorganisms.
3. Minimalism
Minimalist home designs are common these days as people continue to embrace approaches aimed at conserving the available scarce resources. Having tints installed on your windows is a way of practicing minimalism. The window film is thinner and more transparent than the regular curtain.
Cost for Having Home Window Tints 

It costs about $5.08 to $6.76 per square foot to have a solar film installed on your home windows in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The price is inclusive of labor and also applies to two-story homes. You will incur an additional fee for half-moon windows, tax credits, auto glass tinting and replacement windows.
Types of Home Window Tint 
Whether you’re aiming for energy efficiency or privacy, it’s important to choose the right tint for your home windows. The tints come in different designs and specifications to suit different types of residential windows. Discussed below are the best three tints you can install to your home windows.
1Solar Control Film
If you reside in an area mostly characterized by sunny weather, you may want to have a solar control film installed on your windows. The film features a patented sun blocking material that reflects and partly absorbs 99 percent of harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. You can rely on it to regulate indoor temperatures by allowing your house to stay warm during winter and cool during summer.
2. Decorative Film
Adding a decorative film to your home windows will give you the much needed privacy you need when resting indoors alone or with family and friends. Made primarily from dyes, the film offers an inexpensive way for tinting home windows. Since it’s a decorative item, it doesn’t increase the strength of your windows or block out harmful UV rays. You can install it in your bathroom if you don’t have frosted windows.
3. Glare Control Window Film
The sun’s glare may make it difficult to watch television or use your personal computer. With the glare control window film installed, you get to enjoy screen time while sun rays enter your house. The film features an anti-reflective coating, that uses the same technology as eyeglasses to diffuse light that enters through glass.
Summing up
Besides helping improve the aesthetics of your house, window tints offer a wide range of benefits to households. They help save on energy bills and protect houses from the harmful UV radiations emitted by the sun. When you order a home window tint service, an expert will apply a transparent sheet of film to your window glass to give it a darker shade.

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