When Should Your Old Windows Be Replaced?

For house and business owners in the Grand Rapids area, old windows cause a slew of issues. First and foremost, they will make it more difficult to feel at ease indoors because old or damaged windows will make your interiors colder in the winter and hotter in the summer.


Perhaps more importantly, old windows waste energy, resulting in increased energy costs, as well as posing threats to your building in terms of moisture, mold, and mildew growth, and poor indoor air quality.


5 Indicators That It’s Time to Replace Your Old Windows


As long-time window film installers in the Grand Rapids area, we frequently advise our customers to replace their existing windows before hiring us to install window film. When our products are used to maximize the benefits of newer window materials, they work optimally.

The good news is that if your windows are in poor condition, you may be eligible for tax incentives if you replace them.


To get the most bang for your buck, we recommend upgrading your windows before adding window film if any of the following indicators appear.


The windows are single-paned.


Single-pane windows are completely obsolete. Single-pane windows should be replaced as soon as possible in a home or office. During peak seasons, these windows lack the necessary insulation to prevent solar heat gain and heated/cooled air from leaving the structure through the windows.


Also, condensation is likely to form on the inside of your single-pane windows, exposing your exterior wall spaces to mold and mildew growth.

If you can’t afford a whole-building window replacement, the insulation benefits of window film will undoubtedly enhance energy efficiency and overall home comfort until you can afford a window replacement.

There is clearly damage.


A window that is cracked or damaged will not work as intended. These should be replaced on a regular basis. In most circumstances, a homeowner’s insurance policy will compensate you for the cost of repairing broken windows. It’s important phoning ahead to confirm your reservation.


In any case, your cracked or leaky window would be replaced as soon as possible to maintain the internal and external structural integrity of your structure. Damaged windows, once again, cannot be used as energy-efficient windows. You’ll notice a rise in utility bills, as well as a reduction in interior comfort if you live or work near a window.


We refuse to apply window film on damaged windows since our film will not operate as intended, jeopardizing our reputation as window film installers.


You are aware of a draft (or penetrating warmth)


In other circumstances, simply replacing the caulking or sealant around the window or its frame can suffice. If your windows are 20 years old or older, or if they are single-paned, they will almost certainly need to be replaced.


Between the panes, there is fog (or water droplets).


Do you have fog or water droplets between the panes of your windows? This indicates that the gas chamber and window seal have been breached. This not only causes moisture problems by dripping condensation into your exterior wall spaces, but it also means your windows are no longer energy efficient.


When the insulation chamber (the airtight space between the panes) fails, the insulation features your windows were supposed to give fail as well. Schedule an examination with the manufacturer or a local, professional window contractor to determine the problem. In some situations, a window replacement may still be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.


To the touch, your old windows feel frigid (or hot!).


The purpose of modern, energy-efficient windows is to provide an insulating barrier between the outside environment and the interior of your home or office.


On hot days, your windows should be working for you by blocking damaging UV rays and decreasing solar heat gain, reducing the amount of time you need to use your air conditioner. During the cooler months, the insulating properties work in reverse, preventing warm indoor air from escaping and decreasing the flow of cold air in.


Your windows aren’t performing their job if they’re cold to the touch in the winter or warm/hot to the touch in the summer. Although window film can help, improved windows with window film are even better.


For a free consultation, contact Grand Rapids Window Tint Installs. We’ll determine whether window film or full window replacements are the better option for your Grand Rapids home or company.

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