residential window tinting

The appropriate residential window tint for your home

There is a window tint for every use. an appropriate tint can minimize your electricity costs, preserve your furniture or decorate your home. We have all experienced a disgusting glare on our TVs as we watch our favorite documentary. This should push you to think about many other ways in which untinted windows impact our homes. A residential tint is capable of reducing the amount of heat that your home absorbs by nearly 85 percent. Depending on your kind of tinting film, it can safeguard you and your family from shattering pieces of glass or add style to your home.

Types of tints

Windows form your house’s most vulnerable part. Residential tint eases these weaknesses. There are three kinds of tints, and your choice depends on your home’s specific needs. There is the solar tint film, whose aim is to make your home more energy-efficient.

LLumar tint absorbs almost all UV rays when installed on your window. This has a wide range of benefits, which include reduction of glares on your TV as well as regulation of indoor temperatures. The next kind of tint is security tint film. It aims at making your windows more durable. With this type of film, your glass should not shatter. Rather, it should be into two or three large pieces. The decorative tint is our last kind of home tint. It aims to beautify your home’s inside and outside. Your home’s specific needs determine an appropriate tint for you. However, it is good to remember that not all windows are compatible with solar films. Clear annealed windows thicker than three-eighths of an inch may absorb too much heat with an LLumar solar tint. Additionally, clear annealed windows with over 50 percent heat absorption will also not work. Annealed tinted windows with a thickness of over a quarter an inch will not work with tinting film, as well as an insulated window that is more than a decade old. Also, if your glass has any seal failures, you cannot use LLumar solar tint.

Protect your valuable furniture

After learning various types of tints, let us now look at what more it can do. As earlier mentioned, polarized windows with LLumar tint are capable of blocking more than 99 percent of UV rays. Unfortunately, these UV rays can fade your home’s interior, affecting woodworks, wallpaper and artworks.


Your windows waste around 30 percent of energy in cooling your home when they are not tinted. It tells you that tints keep your home cooler and from becoming too cold during the winter. In addition to cooling your home, tint enhances your home’s comfortability.

Protecting your family

Security tint prevents your glass from shattering in case of impact. This means your family is protected against serious injuries and a reduced amount of clean-up.


By now, you should be convinced that your windows need to be tinted. We Grand Rapids Tint Installs are here to help. So, for all your tint installation needs, kindly reach out to us, and we will give you a free quotation. Call us at: (616) 207-3350.

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